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adj- someone or something that is cool/clutch
dude you know mike from tony's pizza!?!? he is so legitski bra!!!

by WsMan6960 January 11, 2009
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From the language of the "Foodeg", it represents one of the 4 words, bombskis, legitskis, sai, and foodeg. The word legitskis means something that is awesome, appeals to the senses in a positive way, and makes you excited, but in a "legit" way. It is usually said in a chilled out tone, which only certain people who had the bombskis with you really can understand.
Yo fool, thats legitskis dawg, thanks fool.
(Translated in the language of the Foodeg for Foodeg speakers): Foodeg, legitskis dawg, thanks for the bomb danks dawg.
by NodnarbBRD March 18, 2008
Happy St. Patties Day!