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A very legitimate tomato or something that is so legit that you need the word 'tomato' to describe it.
#2 Fan of Tomato: Yo, got a tomato?
#1 Fan of Tomato: I always got a tomato! Here, eat it.
#2 Fan of Tomato: Wait, is it poisoned?
#1 Fan of Tomato: Heck naw, this is a legitomato.

Gullible Internet User: I want a free phone! I'll just put in my credit card info...
Wise Internet User: No! Don't go to that site! Instead, go to It's a real legitomato site.

Dude 1: Yo, look at dis bacon.
Dude 2: Man, that is some legitomato bacon!
by Panda Army Representative January 16, 2014
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