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A modification of the English language with a view toward making the ultimate goals of the left seem less ridiculous. For example, a policy where less qualified airline pilots, neurosurgeons and city planners are preferred solely on the basis of their race is known as "affirmative action", rather than racial preferences, which is what it actually is. Similarly, abortion is referred to as "choice" rather than abortion, which is what it actually is. Referring to a guy who brutally murdered a Philadelphia police officer as "Mumia Abu Jamal" rather than Wesley Cook, which is who he actually is. Referring to taxes as "investments", rather than taxes, which is what they actually are. Referring to the bombing of a country in support of rebels who may have ties to Al Qaeda as "kinetic military action" rather than warfare, which is what it actually is. Referring to the mass murder of completely innocent people as "man-caused disaster" rather than terrorism, which is what it actually is. "Everything is what it is, and not another thing."- Joseph Bishop Butler.
According to leftspeak, 9/11 was not an act of terrorism. It was man-caused disaster. I feel so much better about it now.
by PBSPinchback April 22, 2011
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