To describe something badass that is the absolute shizznit, or just really fucking awesome. Example below is from "DQ Blizzard" by MC Chris.
"Name's MC, my band's the lee majors. Put us on the bill, and boy ya hit paydirt"
by Zuhalter December 11, 2004
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The most badass dude you can, will, or ever meet. He is the most witty motherfucker on the block, and has a love of necrophilia. If he is near Men cant help but feel Inadequate and Ladies cant help but get naked. if you ever encounter a major lee your best option is to flee in the opposite direction. also known to add adjectives to the end to make it sound witty. Ex. "Major lee Retarded" Reads as, "majorly retarded"
by Chippers your Aussie Slut October 26, 2013
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One of the main characters in the wonderful television show Battlestar Galactica who is the CAG (commander of the air group) of said ship. The actor who plays him is so beautiful that viewing him on screen sometimes causes Bamberitis. While currently married to Lt. Dualla, AKA Dee, there is a huge fan following for a relationship between him and Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. In fact, in the original series aired in the 70's, Starbuck was played by a man. Apparently the two pilots had a sexual vibe despite both being men, as seen in the copious amounts of slash fanfiction. This may have led to Starbuck's gender change.
"Oh, Lee, Lee!" - Captain Kara Thrace to Gaius Baltar during sex while imagining Major Lee "Apollo" Adama
by flyonagumdrop March 8, 2007
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