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A street drug, commonly known as "thyme". The lebanese bottleopener is prodominantly found in Sweeden and gives one the effect of having their minds blown up. People affected by this drug are very hostile and hallucinate. The hallucinations can last from 6-27 hours and are extremely dangerous.
'hey man, can i have the time??"

"did you say marie at the party last night? you know shes on the lebanese bottleopener"
by Juan Dopamine May 19, 2009
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A hallucinogenic drug that causes massive outbursts of rage and dancing. Very popular among primary school children as the small pills resemble M&M's. Ingredients include; Petrol (20%), Seagull Hearts (10%) and the tears of a morbidly obese Fabio (70%).
These ingredients (mainly Fabios tears) cause ones mind to go mental and literally try to escape the confines of skull.
This has known to cause people to attempt catching the sun, search for unicorns and the most absurd of all; pin the tail on the donkey.
"Yay it's Mr Smith with the 'candy' again!"

"let me put my tears in your lebanese bottleopener" - Fabio
by svenernie May 20, 2009
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