A Med cat from Warriors aprentices are Jayfeather and Hollypaw
Did you know Leafpool's aprentices are Hollypaw,who is now a warrior called Hollyleaf and Jay feather who is now the med cat.And she's the mother of Lionblaze,Hollyleaf,and Jayfeather.
by xXGuest_666Xx June 01, 2017
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A cat.
She had kittens with a bitch named crowfester when she should have had them with a big beautiful golden hottie named mothwing.
Bi vibes.
Kinda a 4/10 sister.
Died by circumstances currently unknown.
I love my dead bi daughter leafpool
by Skuagal March 22, 2019
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A cat who broke the warrior code a lot and got a relative to cover up for her.
Leafstar did a Leafpool when she had kits with Billystorm.
by a dumb donkey January 12, 2021
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Was a medicine cat for Thunderclan. Brown tabby with a white underbelly with amber eyes. Previously mates with Crowfeather of Windclan.
Leafpool was a medicine cat.
by Mossear April 17, 2020
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