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Derived from the name of an extinct species of monkeys known as "Lazars." Lazars are thought to have been introduced to the backwaters of the Carolinas in the 1800's. The Lazar monkeys struggled to adapt and were soon declared extinct, due to their penchant for excessive masturbation, leading to their failure and inability to procreate.

Now if anything, or anyone does something, completely stupid, or ridiculously dumb, he or she is considered lazar-ded or a Lazar-tard. Commonly used in the south, especially in North Carolina.

The drunk frat boy thought it would be cool to jump off a two story balcony into a kiddie pool. The sweet bro, would be considered lazar-ded or a lazar-tard for being such an idiot.
by NCSlang January 28, 2009
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