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An extraordinary type of laxtitute. A laxtitute that will give up playing ladies' lax to get closer to the men's team. Since she cannot be on the men's team, she finds an excuse to be on the sidelines at all times: to chill with the bros. By keeping the stats for the bros on the team, a laxstatstitute is able to grow closer to said bros. While being able to look on from the sidelines, laxstatsitutes are able to talk lax and talk bros with fellow laxstatstitutes without seeming creepy while the bros are getting GB's(groundballs). Laxstatstitutes are often seen wearing flipflops, shortshorts, and a lax pinnie from the team they are recording GBs for.
Bro 1 "Who's the girl standing on the sidelines at all the lax games?"
Bro 2 "Oh,the one in the flip flops and pinnie? That is (insert laxstatstitute's name here), she used to be the goalie for our ladies' team. Her brother played lax for us last year, he had flow like you wouldn't believe, her whole family is a dynasty at this school. I don't know why she is there. I think she is our new stat girl, but she looks like a laxtitute."
Bro 3 "Yeah, she is our laxstatstitute, she counts the GBs for the bros."
by AQlaxBRO December 07, 2010
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