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(male) a pretentious first-year law student who attempts in vain to use legal jargon in every day speech for comedic effect in order to impress his law school classmates, when in actuality he lacks tremendously in legal and/or social skills; easily spotted within groups of law students who huddle together to smoke outside the law school as the only person laughing at his own lame jokes.
lawtool: "I would invite you to my party, but I don't want you to rely to your own detriment on the notion that you might get laid. We wouldn't want grounds for a promissory estoppel claim, would we? HAHAHAHAH!"

normal student: "Dude... wow."

lawtool: "Well, you know, as Oliver Wendel Holmes would say..."

normal student: "If you finish that sentence, I will not hesitate to kill you."

lawtool: "Whoa there! My imminent apprehension of harmful conduct leads me to believe that I have standing for a valid assault claim! HAHAHA!"
by Golden Dome Law January 14, 2011
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