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A complete shit hole. If you live there you think it's the greatest place on earth, however if you're driving through it, you think what a dump! Screaming mums shouting at their 4 or 5 fatherless children or children by different fathers. Graffitti everywhere, chavs everywhere you look, complete with lots of gold or silver jewellery and a staffy on a lead to complete the look. All the flats are occupied by either young mums with children who probably got knocked up in the bike track or the local drug dealers live in them. The whole area looks run down, intimidating gangs of kids outside shops and gobby little brats everywhere you look and the stench of weed everywhere and alcoholics out and about carrying cans of stella or super tennents.
''wanna come to Lawrence Weston Bristol?''

''Nah, it's a shit hole
by jane161289 December 13, 2013
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