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A latvian sorbet is the act in which a female is tied to a ceiling fan one foot per blade. The fan is turned on high, and at this time three men are standing around her in triangular formation. As the fan spins, she gives all of them blowjobs. Meanwhile, a midget wearing nothing but assless chaps and cut off flannel tshirt slaps her ass at a rapid pace.
"Yo, we gonna pull a latvian sorbet on Shirley tonight?"

"If she's down, dawg."
by xFUNERALx July 10, 2008
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When you tie a women upside down from a ceiling fan
and three guys position themselves in triangle formation
around the ceiling fan, the women then proceeds to suck the guys dicks in a clockwise direction as the fan spins her around. meanwhile a midgit in buttless chaps runs around and spanks her ass as she spins in a circle.
JEREMY:DUDE you wont even belive what happened at the KIV party last week, Sam,freddy,and daniel totally gave this one bitch a Latvian Sorbet

Juan: yea i heard they paid 50 dollers to the midget too.
by freddy popstar June 22, 2008
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