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a subgenre of the latina category, a latina scene is a Hispanic girl between the ages of 14 and 25. They listen bands like My Chemical Romance, Hollywood Undead, and Cobra Starship. They are a breakaway group from the regular latinas who dance to regaeton and shake their asses for men, so they're usually a dissappointment to their parents for not sticking to their ethnic ways. They have choppy dyed black hair, usually with a streak of yellow, purple, or pink. They wear Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, flannels, and skinny jeans. They enjoy sitting at home on rainy days on their MacBooks on Tumblr sipping caramel lattes. Latina Scenes wear dark black eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick and powder their skin to seem pale. They tend to hang out with faggy guys who don't play sports and who are also scene They wear large prescription eyeglasses and have tattoos of birds, peace signs, or music notes. These latinas are very inward and believe that no one understands them so they simply tell everyone to fuck off. They are OBSESSED with blogging, personalizing their MySpace, and despite their seemingly intellectual exterior they are very dumb. They attend vocational or special high schools for performing arts or cooking because they feel they "don't belong" at their public high schools.
Rob: Who's that new girl over there? (points to girl with choppy black hair, pale skin, multiple piercings, hunched over a dirty MacBook, juggling a pack of cigarettes)
Vanessa: Oh that's Luisa she transfered from the vocational high school 30 miles away. What the hell is she doing on her laptop anyway?
Rob: *looks over* Uhh looking at gauges and adding new backgrounds to her MySpace
Luisa: Ay what you looking at, whitey, fuck off.
Vanessa: latina scene don't talk to her
by gwefad July 28, 2011
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