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A later-annie occurs in three steps. First a male and a female must engage in some sort of consentual sexual or pre-sexual activity. Secondly, the female partner must then make it clear that she does not plan on satisfying the male partner's sexual needs, in spite of his obvious arousal. Third, and finally, the male partner must take on the task of satisfying himself, hopefully doing so on an object belonging to his previous sexual partner. The later-annie is a convienient way to avoid blue balls, especially while intoxicated. It is also an excellent way to seek revenge on an unsatisfactory partner, (see slam piece). First timers may be shy, in that case feel free to scream the words "later aaaannie" in an obnoxiously loud voice while completing the act. Doing so will boost your confidence and make you look cooler. Please use protection.
Dude, did you see Jack later-annie all over Chris' top siders?
by Annie-mal February 08, 2008
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