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Late-minded is a very rare word and is used not quite often. Some people consider it as new, yes it is. Some people consider it as not-really-a-word, but it is a word if you want it to be. It's very easy to understand what late-minded means, only the stupid wouldn't understand. And I bet you're trying to pretend not to be stupid right now, whatever. Let me tell you what it means:

So, late-minded means thinking or saying something that almost everyone has went through it already. An example could be like:
Question: What's that thing over there?
Answer: Your mom (When it's just a piece of shit)
And that's when a passer-by could say: Stop being so late-minded...

Another example could be, someone saying: Hey dude how's your coc going? (CoC/coc/COC: Short form of Clash of Clans)
Replier: Great! I got lv6 whizzies!
And then someone just says: Lol, 'coc'.
That's also an example of how to use the word late-minded. This example is when someone knows that coc (Say CoC) stands for Clash of Clans they have to make fun of it by strengthening the 'cock' word into CoC.

Feel free to share and use this new and existing word with your friends and good luck explaining it!
You don't always have to be late-minded... It's actually really lame.
by Telling the RARE May 11, 2015
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