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The advanced stage of unmanaged capitalism in which corporations and the wealthy, having run out of quick and easy paths to profit and economic growth, begin cannibalizing the societies in which they operate instead of investing in them.

Features: Declining wages for workers, privatization of government, dismantling of social services, sale of cultural & national heritage, debtor's prisons, corporate invasion of people's personal lives, and punishment (and ultimately enslavement) of the poor.
A: Did you hear that Zuckerberg is tearing down the national park to build his new fortified megamansion?
B: Yeah dude, wanna go to the Pepsiβ„’-sponsored protest against it later?
A: Truly, late capitalism is the best system to live under.

A: Did you know that boomers can now spend $8,000 to get transfusions of children's blood so they live longer?
B: Haha, late capitalism strikes again!
by ZUCK_NEEDS_UR_BLOOD June 05, 2017
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A misnomer given to an economic system where a central bank controls interest rates and promotes inflation. Interest rate signals from private banks are not market-based. Money is unsound.

Features: Declining wages for workers, damage to the manufacturing base, expansion of the government.
A: Late capitalism is making life difficult.
B: Hey, dude, the difficulty has nothing to do with capitalism. The Fed is running a system of unsound money and not letting market forces work.
A: Then, let's end the Fed.
by Rooster Zepheye April 01, 2020
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