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A group full of bundles of sticks. That don’t understand that the LS motor is the better option over the mod motors. They will dicksauce it with the OhPee then you have people like len who race mommy’s car and suck dick and don’t pay people for work done to the car and there are several roast a day. You make a post thinking you’re going to get someone roasted then you yourself are annihilated.

But to conclude you are all pheasants
Anyone in Late model Mayhem who likes mod motors probably sucks cock as a full time job
by EthanAdick24-7 May 19, 2018
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A group full of basic phesants who LS swap their cars and moonboost with aftermarket interals just to beat the superior modular motor that can be moonboostef while being stalk seelt. Creator of other definition likes it up the ass.
Ls swaps in Late Model Mayhem are owned by a bunc of toggafs who say a 20 is a 20.
by Delgado-225 July 12, 2018
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