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1. (n) preppy way to say goodbye for kids with boston accents
2. (n) insult after doing something bad to somebody
3. (v) to insult, hurt or punish in some way
4. (v) to own or pwn

you can say lata ked, you can be lata ked-ed, you can lata ked on things,
1. Matt: "Okay, I gotta go eat some tater-yah-tots. Bye."
John: "Lata ked...Git-outaa-heaaa."
2. Chuck: "What did your teacher do when you came late to class?"
Joe: " He gave me a lata ked and now i have to go to detention after school."
3. Mike: "Wow, when my dad found out i failed three classes he lata ked-ed all over my face."
4. Mario pushes Devin down a flight of stairs.
Devin: "Yeah, I just got lata ked-ed."
by ssullivan December 12, 2005
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