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a pool game created by two girls named shaelyn and mikayla in southwest alaska while they were bored.

1. its kind of like 9-ball,
except you're able to make any ball you want,
even the 8 ball.
in this game, it doesn't matter if a player is stripes or solids.

2. when you scratch,
its the same thing as 8-ball,
you can only put it within the marks.
but you're actually able to hit in the balls in that area,
no ball is off limits.

3. you're able to combo off another ball,
just as long as those balls aren't the same.
example: if you combo a solid to a solid, or stripe to stripe,
and make one in, its the other persons turn.

4. while racking the balls,
you don't need to put them in order,
it doesn't matter which ones you hit in.

5. in order to win the game,
you must shoot the last ball in.

6. if you don't hit ANY balls during your shot,
then the other player is able to move the cue ball anywhere.

7. its your choice to play with calls or not,
but you have to call the last ball on the table.

8. if you're on the last ball, and you scratch,
you don't lose, its just the other persons turn.
BUT; if you make the last ball in,
and scratch on the same turn, you automatically lose the game.

its a fairly easy game.
you should try it somethime :
bob: "i don't feel like playing 9-ball."
bill: "well i don't wanna play 8-ball!"
bob: "gee willikers! what should we play?!"
bill: "EUREKA! we should play last-ball!"
both: "yayyyyy! we love last-ball!"
by mikayla [mih-kay-luh] December 26, 2008
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