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1. v. to damage existing relationships.
2. v. to make false promises in order to use and manipulate.
3. v. to withhold sex and affection.
4. v. to ignore problems you've caused.
5. v. to behave in the general manner of a conscienceless psychopath.
They looked so happy together, but they had money and a place to live, so I just had to lasmori them.
by hurtnalone July 10, 2008
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1. Someone who dates crazy ass people who freak out when you leave them because they are totally psycho.
2. Someone who got burned by said crazy ass ex as they try to contact all your friends, and write as much slander as possible.
3. Someone whose crazy ass ex manages to not get a posting slandering you rejected for naming a friend.
Lasmori's ex obviously goes on a crazy ass rampage and wrote up some mean crap on urban dictionary. Look up the previous entry on Lasmori for an example.
by Lasmori June 24, 2009
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