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A very good meal you would want. Let me explain, lasaga is great you should try it. Even the famous Garfielf eats lasaga its a good meal and you should try it!
Jon: Stuffing your face as usual.
Garfielf: I gotta have a good meal.
Jon: We are losing more lasaga!
Garfielf: It's too much of a good meal jon.
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by Garfielf March 02, 2017
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Jon:Garfield you fat cat, can you stop eating that Lasaga
Garfield: Sorry Jon, but the lasaga is my life.
by AsianJesus May 03, 2016
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Garfielfs favorite foond. Very yummy, no acids or trans fat. Made from any types of meat, ESPECIALLY DOGS AND HUMANS
Person 1: there’s no more lasagna

Garfielf: I’m going make u my lasaga
by MOth memes arE gaYYYYyy November 05, 2018
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