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the most generous, loving and gorgeous people you will meet. you would be lucky to have a larah in your life, they are happy to help you out no matter what and are willing to adapt. They are also the most stunning people and usually have beautiful eyes that you could stare at all day. They are also amazing girlfriends. If you have a larah hold on and never let her go, she's a keeper.
there's larah, she looks gorgeous.
by laurabrown April 23, 2017
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A slutty girl that will ruin your life. The lowest of all females. A bitch with no empathy. A waste of your time.
1.I saw this girl at a party. She was such a whore. She smelled of rotten trout, sweaty dick and regret. She was just another Larah.

2. Larah fucked every single one of my friends. She's got a new dick to suck every night.
by Mike T Lee June 06, 2018
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