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(verb) When you're about to stand up but then your pet decides to crawl in your lap and fall asleep, preventing you from getting out of your seat without moving them.
I was going to go rummage through the cupboard for something to eat, but then my cat laptrapped me and I had to sit there with a growling stomach and pet her until she woke up.
by MizukiYumeko July 14, 2014
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(Noun) The lap trap happens when you are sitting with objects on your lap and stand up, thus causing the objects to fall to the ground. One of the most common Lap Trap bait is a cellphone or something of the sort.
J- "When I was done texting, I placed my phone in my lap. I then stood up and my phone fell to the floor."

C- "Looks like your phone fell victim to the lap trap"
by 4ya2kn0 July 06, 2011
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