A large, unwieldy, typically American automobile originating from earlier model years, specifically the 1960s up until the 1990s. General characteristics of a landyacht are tremendous proportions including a length that rivals that of an aircraft carrier, an asphalt crushing curb weight similar to that of a fully grown hippopotamus, giving the landyacht the distinctive Spanish-Galleon-like handling and a gentle, couch-like ride along with the turning radius larger than that of a big rig. Landyachts are typically powered by unnecessarily large big block V8 engines producing hilariously low amounts of horsepower mated to a sloppy 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission. If you spot a landyacht, it is likely making futile attempts to park, attempting a 27-point turn across an intersection, losing a hubcap, or drinking large amounts of fuel at a gas station.

Noteworthy landyachts:
Lincoln Continental
Cadillac Sedan de Ville
Oldsmobile Delta 88
Chevrolet Caprice
Buick Roadmaster
Cadillac Sixty Special
Mercury Colony Park
Ford Country Squire
And the recently discontinued Ford Crown Victoria/Lincoln Town Car/Mercury Grand Marquis

Extended length pickup trucks and SUVs may also be considered landyachts.
Person 1: Holy shit look at that thing, it's like 25 feet long
Person 2: That's a landyacht. Let's watch him try to park.
by jminthemachine March 15, 2015
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