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A word to describe a person who is of authentic hippie nature, who is not necessarily all about world peace and marijuana. Typically, a landworthy girl may not shave her legs or underarms, yet still wears deodorant, keeps a clean appearance, fits into society with ease, and enjoys more pastoral pasttimes, like arts and crafts, hiking, rock climbing, and reading, with a general disinterest in common pasttimes like television and celebrity.

Landworthy individuals are markedly distinct from hipsters in that they genuinely are not interested in façades. In fact a hallmark of landworthy persons is their entire genuineness.

Often persons befitting the descriptor 'landworthy' are naturally very relaxed individuals, laid back, kind, and notedly difficult to agitate.
John: "Hey, let's go visit my old neighbor Sarah. She's got a pretty swank apartment in the heart of downtown."

Charles: "She's a nice girl, totally landworthy."

John: "Yeah, she doesn't shave or watch tv, and she was an art major in college, but she is super nice. And she's not a hipster because she truly cares about all people and all living things! She would enjoy hiking up the waterfalls with us!"
by Charles_my_helmet July 05, 2011
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