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One style of Belgian beer, the wort is left open to the night air for inoculation, accumulating wild yeasts and bacteria to add to the flavor. Lambic requires several years to come of age, during which time dust and cobwebs are encouraged to cover the wooden fermenting vessels. Production is usually confined from October to May, letting the wild yeast and beer party during the summer. Eventually fruit is added for a second fermentation, creating a tastey complex beer. Cantillion, Oud Beersel, Drei fonteinen are the best lambic breweries. Lindemans is commonly shipped across the U.S.A although is not the best example of lambic.
This tastes like sweet and sour fruit juice, its kinda acidic, its very weird, like a champagne beer that doesn't give you a hangover and is usually around 5% alcohol. Some people dislike the taste, others flock too it.
by A.E. December 23, 2003
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