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In Lakewood, California, you could walk down the street at night and be pretty damn, safe. the cops are ALWAYS driving around, however, they will not stop you. run a few red lights, stop signs, whatever! they don't care. lakewood is also becomming a Compton drop off. Lakewood High school may not be too gehtto, cause they have the black kids who act white, but mayfair high is pretty ghetto. it's manily the blacks, mexicans and asians, while Lakewood hs is manily the white folk. particularly the "BROS" and "BROHOES" whom are the DGAFing white kids who get drunk on a weekly basis, drive white trucks, go to the lake or the river or whatever them white kids call it, and dont associate with anyone but their own kind. Bro's usually chill with their hot ass guy friends and always have an ugly BUTTER FACE hanging around. Typically, its a trashy younger sister or just a trashy girl period. talk about BJ fest! Lakewood is the kind of city where you see hott girls almost every where and it has an all girls catholic hs. which means drunk ass rich girls GALORE! Btw, sure most lakewood teens get drunk but boy oh boy, the pot use is INSANE! not too much havy stuff though, just a whole lotta BEER PONG and crazy WEEED! In the 'L-WOOD" which the wanna beee ghetto acting kids call it, you could never starve, they have mc donalds, carls jr's and starbucks up the ass! everywhere you turn you'll find one of those. we also have a lotta parks which the skater kids (and there's a LOT of skaters and wanna bee skaters) go after dark to shred it up and get high. and don't worry about the curfew, remember, the cops dont care! Moreover, Lakewood is a fun place to be if you're a teenager. Hot girls, hot guys, boooze and no rules!
On a warm night in lakewood CA, the street behind you is having an insanely loud party with a crappy DJ playing old ass music. It's almost midnight and your grandparents are trying t sleep and your little brother is pretty sick. You call the Lakewood Sheriff and they act all concerned. you wait attentively at your window to see those A-HOLE neighbords get busted (because they are underaged and drinking a hole lotta liquor) but to no avail: the cops never show. Its now 12:30 at night and the music is even louder and the DJ is now taunting the neighbor hood shouting : "Ya'll M*THER F*CKERS cant stop this uh huh!" and so tou call the polica once again and they tell you, oh im sorry somene will be there shortly. At 2:00am, they finnally come...when EVERYONE is leaving. Tish Tisk Lakewood Cops. Tisk Tisk
by LAKEWOOD's BARBIE June 14, 2008
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