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Lakemba is a suburb in Sydney.

It's usually spoken of in derogatory terms, due to the large number of Lebanese people that live there. The public perception is that Lakemba is full of young trouble makers & muslims who refuse to integrate with Australian society.

It's also known as Lebkemba, for obvious reasons.
Aussie 1: "I'm thinking of moving to Lakemba"

Aussie 2: "Why would you want to do that? It's full of lebs"
by Peppard01 October 10, 2009
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A dirty pit of Arabs, fresh from their war torn homeland Lebanon. Centered on Haldon Street, little pussy Lebs roll around in their shit Subarus at night, with their subwoofers pumping their ear-raping bassy Lebo noise. Usually seen with Burqa-ed mongrels and the following of ugly ducklings that they all their kids, and also seen with packs of smelly, sweaty Arabs wearing their Champion and Nike singlets while emphasising their 'fully sick' Lebo accent.

Rightfully labelled as 'the slum of Sydney' - home to those dirty Arabs... take a bath you Middle Eastern faggots
A fully sick Lebo: Walla cuz, lets take my souped up Subaru Impreza with some boys down to Haldon Street in Lakemba and pick up some sexy Burqa-babes
Another fully sick Lebo: I'd totally bang some Leb chicks, only if they're a Lakemba native, and only if she's got a full Burqa and Hijab...
And another fully sick horny Lebo: I just jizzed in my pants
And yet another fully sick Lebo: Let me eat your jizz, let me slurp it dry!

Person 1: Where did you just buy your house?
Person 2: Lakemba, is there anything wrong with it?
Person 1: You should probably hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands 'cause they're raping everybody out here.
Person 2: For reals?
Lebo out of nowhere: YIFF YIFF YIFF
by One of many Dirty Arabs November 01, 2010
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