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Its hard to define lajune, she is a rare breed, you will never find another female like her. She is extraordinarily , phenomenal and cut from a different cloth. When lajune faces adversity she will always rise, nothing but god can stop her endeavors. Her beauty is mesmerizing, anyone who gets involved with her will be addicted for life. Not only for her beauty but her loyalty and survival ethics can never be duplicated. Lajune looks a life's obstacles like a obstacle course, knocking each road block down as they come, she is an extreme being, something like out of this world (galactic). The most important thing to know about lajune is, she is a lover and loves hard, but please done cross her, she can become Satan's advocate.
Say, I know u know lajune.. Yea she the baddest chick in these streets right now, she always been a go getter, nothing she does surprises me, I would try and get at her, but she look so damn mean all the time, with her fine self.
by Lajune December 21, 2016
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