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The state of drunkness after completely shithoused, during this state it is not uncommon to blackout and vomit uncontrollabely or defecate all over yourself. Symptoms include becoming extremely defensive and emotional often resulting in crying or sobbing. Side effects may include hooking up with a person who looks like a wildebeest, alienating yourself from your friends,becoming extremely loud and obnoxious.
Guy 1: Dude I seen you at the bar last night and you were off the charts lahoaded.

Guy 2: Yeah right, I wasn't even drunk what did I do?

Guy 1: You puked all over the bar then went outside and started crying about that fat girl you hooked up with last weekend.

Guy 2: I guess I went so hard in the paint that I fouled out.
by Sir Elliot of Hamshire May 08, 2011
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