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was referenced in glee (october 12 2010), when two lesbians have children
look those chicks have lady babies!
by yomamaslover October 13, 2010
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its the act or desire to have huge amounts of sex with a girl with the idea of trying to get her pregnant with the notion that it wont happen
santana and brittney make lady babies all the time
wanna make lady babies?
we can make lady babies all night long
by erlove91 August 13, 2011
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A woman at least in her 20's, who lives at home. She whines and cries to have her way. Daddy still pays her phone bill because she does not work. Also she is known to not have many friends as she plays World of Warcraft all day long. She is most likely on the plump side as well, and guaranteed she is a virgin. In addition to being useless and boring she thinks she can call all the shots.
It's time to wean the "lady baby" off the tit and get her out into the real world.
by Demonia January 01, 2012
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Derived from Latin, also used in Mexico, South Africa and New Zealand.

1. One who enters the world with the heart of a lady, and who leaves with the heart of a baby.
2. A being who will never need to try, but will always be the coolest person going around.
That amazing and cool girl is a ladybaby
by IheartPanda November 17, 2013
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