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The Ladder of Humiliation comes in many parts. This is the official* guide to what words to use when humiliating and/or embarrasing someone.

1. Diss- The lowest level of humiliating. Usually occurs when someone is made fun of. Example: when someone says "you're funny", and the other person replies with "you're funny looking". In other words, Dissing can be used alot, due to it's lack of power.

2. Face- According to my man Dylan Jones, this was used in the 70's. A proper definition can be found by clicking this: face. Upon reading the definition, i came to realize that this form of humiliation is stronger than 'diss', but weaker than the other rungs in this ladder.

3. Toast- Here's where we get into the outer planets of this solar system of humiliation. Toasting occurs when you prove someone wrong or beat them in a competition. Like if someone said "Steven Spielberg directed Star Wars", (dumbasses.) And then i proved them wrong by IMDB'ing Star Wars, and proved that George Lucas directed it, then i would be right, and i would have toasted the person. Toasting also is accompanied by the toasting motion. This is when you put your index and middle finger together, and move them up and down to simulate a 'toasting' motion. Toasting is followed by its bigger and badder brother, which is-

4. Roast- Roasting is slighty more extreme than toasting. Roasting is pretty much the same thing, just some degrees higher. Roasting has it's own motion. Do the same finger signals as 'toasting' but this time, use both hands, and turn them in a clockwise motion, to simulate the 'roasting'.

5. Smoke- Smoking is not necessarily humiliation, as it is you beating someone in a competition really badly. It's not as strong as the next few terms, but if you killed someone in a multiplayer game, or got a higher test score than someone, i guess you could say something along the lines of: "Dude, I smoked your ass!".

6. Own- Here's the big boys of humiliating. Own originated on the computers, and when you get owned, it usually means someone friggin kicked your ass in multiplayer, regardless of the game. You can also own people on tests and anything that requires competition with another person. You can own animals, by the way. You can also own objects, because if you buy them, then that means that you own them, and being bought is pretty embarrasing.

7. Pwn- Many people think 'Pwn' is just a misspelling of 'own'. Those people are stupid. Pwn is merely own x10. Pwn is exactly like Own, but it's more hardcore. Like, an example of owning would be in Halo if a flood killed me. Now, Pwning would be if I threw a grenade, then the Flood killed me, and the explosion of my grenade detonated all the other grenades and sent my flying all over the fuckin place. that's the key to pwning someone. You can Pwn people all the time, unlike our next one, which is.....

8. Pizzowned- This is the one that should be used most sparingly. I defined it here: pizzowned. That definition works as well. A Major example of someone being pizzowned is the New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox really pizzowned the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. They didn't pizzown the Orioles. We Pwned them.

So, there you have it. The official** ladder of humiliation.

(* not really official. See below)
(** See above)
see: diss, face, toast, roast, smoke, own, pwn, and pizzowned.
by Stupy John January 07, 2005
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