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large paper bag(holiday shopping bag) you have little boys stand in, when molesting them in a restroom stall, so passers by don't see his feet.
by crinklecrinkle September 17, 2003
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A paper bag that you take into a bathroom stall and have a person stand in while you are raping them so that when people walk by, they don't see the victim's feet.
I took Courtney to Red Lobster where I put her in a lad bag and made her scream.
by -= RUCKER =- April 13, 2004
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A bag, usually a large shopping bag, in which a boy is placed so that he may perform oral sex on a man, on the floor of a bathroom stall, undisturbed.
"...and the police tell us that the suspect was using a 'ladbag' to conceil his pedofilic acts..."
by ladbag January 18, 2004
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A bag worn by a lad. Actually just a bumbag worn across the body from the shoulders. Often a mobile phone is found inside playing terrible music extremely loudly.
lad bag
by Dave1234567890987654321 September 06, 2008
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