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The philosophy of a governing agency, or leaders of a group of underlings or trainees, whereby the governing agency/leaders deliberately coddle and infantalize the citizens and/or underlings/trainees, based on the assumption that people should never experience any stress, should never stretch themselves in the pursuit of excellence, and should never, essentially, be weaned from the breast. Ever. This is especially prominent among irritating helicopter-parent training directors in psychiatry today.
RLF: "Hey Barb, I am still fuming that the assistant training director sent an email to all the residents telling them to look at other fellowships, and not just ours! What the heck? Why did she do that?"

Barb D: "Well, Bob, you know our reputation for really pushing the residents to become the best they can be. That puts us at odds with the current lactocracy in control of the department. Duh."
by Drs. Heather and McNamara June 16, 2011
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