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Lacidar is radical backwards. It means somene is hott!
Wow they look very lacidar today
by Chelsea September 29, 2004
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Lacidar Rotollini Thy Lordly Grace, Lacidar (For Short) is a being in the Game Final Fantasy XI Online. He Has played under many names including, Lacidar, Laccidar, Laciddar, and Ownz. The Reason for having so many accounts is because he has random acts of reality and decides to get his life straight by Deleting his account. Over all it doesn't work and in time he returns to FFXI.

Out of the 4 Accounts he has completed the Following.


San'd'Oria Rank 10 (twice)
Zilart Completed (twice)
CoP 6-4

His Real human name is Timothy Louis Harper, and he resides in Seattle, WA at this time. He Enjoys Music, Basketball and Working. He Plans to return to FFXI Under another Different Account (Making it 5)some time in late September of 08.

In July of 07 He had an Estimated 64,000,000 Gil. Right Before Quitting he created a so called Army of 50+ players in Aht Urghan Whitegate, The group of Individuals marched behind him shouting the name of Lacidar. One of the very Great moments of Lacidar's History.

He is Hated, and Loved by Many.
Lacidar hits the Bogy for 1624 points of damage.

Lacidar Scores a Critical Hit!
by John Neewmark September 08, 2008
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