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Lab-Tan, the opposite of sun-kissed. One acquires a lab tan when one deprives themselves of sunlight of the natural or manufactured kind. Fluorescent lighting is key, as are long nocturnal hours of working.

A common accessory to the lab tan is the 5 day growth beard, and the dark under eye circles that comes from being too cracked out on awful drip pot coffee and snack cakes to sleep normal hours.

2:One may also have a lab tan if they play far too many videogames of the MMORPG variety like World of Warcraft: These people start to look like Sean Patrick Flanery in the Movie "Powder," the longer these kids or grown men stay in their mother's basement, or the higher their level is in WoW, the higher grade of lab tan.
Molly Mayhem: "Hey man, I heard you stayed all night at the lab"

Doctor Samuel: "Yeah you know...just workin on my lab-tan. Chicks dig it--
by Molly S, and Samuel L. August 28, 2007
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