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Someone in MW2 that thinks they're awesome just because they can quickscope. Truly they're just a bunch of 35 year old morbidly obese virgins who live in their mom's basement and eating KFC and McDonalds everyday. They also are a bunch of no-lifers that swear and complain violently when killed and brag when they get a kill. Homophobic racists. The smart person can only hear this from them: FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCKS WHILE I FUCK YOUR MOM YOU FUCKING FUCKTARDS. And truly that's all they say.

Johnny killed a l33tscoper with his M4A1, and was treating by violent complaining.

Ryan was called a tryhard when he killed a l33tscoper with his P90.

Matt was l33tscoping and was booted out of the game by hate from REAL players.

A l33tscoper was banned from XBL one day and committed suicide because he cant survive without MW2 Online. Unfortunately he was to fat to kill himself so he just ordered SuperSize McDonalds, and cried when he found out that thy don't make them anymore.
by LTF_416 January 11, 2011
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