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Learn To Google.

When somebody asks a question or shows ignorance in something, this term is commonly used. It is an implication that one should use google to find an answer or understand the something.
Guy 1: Hey where can I find game trailers?
Guy 2: l2g
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: l2g
Guy 2: -g l2g
Bot: Google | Learn 2 Google (
Guy 1: Oh, ok, I'm a moron.

Guy 1: So, what's news these days?
Guy 2: l2g
Guy 1: I know what that means!
Guy 2: -g news
Bot: Google | News - Top Headline: Guy 2 is a moron (
Guy 2: =(
by George Daneliuc May 23, 2008
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