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This spelling of "lol" often used in the MMORPG game "runescape" ( It is also most often used by the people who use words like "hax, n00b, r0fl" and replace letters with symbols such as (tr4de me, l337 h4xx0rz p\/\/n U) uh..ya...

Other spellings: lo0l lOol loOl (the capital O is often replaced with a 0(zero)
lvl 40 character> Ew i just got n00bed by this lvl 23 pker in the wilderness
lvl 60 character> l0ol
lvl 60 character> sux to be you
lvl 40 character> ya..i lost all my rune armour..
lvl 60 character> loooool
by cantgiveitout April 05, 2006
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