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Kylyana is a less common name often naming females. If you find yourself a Kylyana, you won’t only find a great friend, but also a girl who will bring you up whenever your down, no matter how close or distant you are with her friendship wise. Kylyanas are some of the most beautiful girls, with a curvaceous figure desired by many and often with a beautiful lightly bronzed glow.
A: “Bro, do you see that girl over there? She’s the most friendly beautiful girl i’ve ever seen around here. “

B: “That’s not just any girl, dude. I think that might be Beyoncé!”

C*overhearing conversation* : “That’s not beyoncé, you dip shits. Her figure comes close however. Her name is kylyana, she’s pretty chill. You should try to talk to her!”
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by apersonwhosmart. April 07, 2018
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