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A girl who is very eccentric, she's is beauty on the outside and cold on the inside; doesn't handle authority, can be very funny, but can be rude when need be; but she will always offer a kind word to those that needs, a friend you want on your side.
Oh Kyllah is your friend, Ok I'll leave you alone then.

Kyllah will always have my back.
by Crazyofhree January 18, 2017
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A Kyllah is usually a girl who isn’t insanely beautiful on the outside.. and she knows that though she will try as much as possible to ignore the fact until she is really stressing out. She Looks shy around people (most likely at school) but she is really fun and interesting to be with. A Kyllah will sadly, usually be left alone and ignored by others.. but she learns to accept that. She isn’t bad at school, but she isn’t the best at all subjects. She may have some trouble with some. When a Kyllah has a crush, she tries as much as she could to hide it but might slightly give it away at times. She will always really want to admit it to the person she is interested in. Kyllah’s don’t go for looks, they go for outgoing, adventurous personality’s because they wish to be like that person. A Kyllah is a person you can tell everything to and have a great friendship with if YOU choose to, she will not approach people to ask them for friendship or try joining in conversations.
Kyllah is really shy..
Why is Kyllah always in a corner?
She is very talkative around HER friends..
by Randomnames12422 January 09, 2018
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