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Means silent a person had multi personality he can be desiving yet descreat ... Hides his feelings can be caniving but yet a very loving person that hates to show love but has a big heart won't tolerate fake people or people that use others likes justice...he can be a lier at times but yet a personality that is so readable ..trys to mind fuck people but the one that gets mind fucked is him
Kyhan is such a handsome boy
by Kay kay Negara May 16, 2018
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Handsome man strong mind yet stuburn he like to be by him self yet loves to have a companion he is silent but yet hears every conversation won't talk to you if you don't talk to him first he is a very vengative person that will try to get you if you did any harm to them very jealous but has the biggest heart that he can't stay by him self and loves pets very much ... Will go of his way to help any one out. Very handsome and look even more when he smiles
by Kay kay Negara April 15, 2018
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