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KVCD is a modification to the standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 GOP structure and Quantization Matrix. It enables you to create over 120 minutes of near DVD quality video, depending on your material, on a single 80 minute CD-R/CD-RW. They have published these specifications as KVCDx3, their official resolution, which produce 528x480 (NTSC) and 528x576 (PAL) MPEG-1 variable bit rate video, from 64Kbps to 3,000Kbps. Using a resolution of 352x240 (NTSC) or 352x288 (PAL), it's possible to encode video up to ~360 minutes of near VCD quality on a single 80 minute CD-R. The mpeg files created will play back in most modern standalone DVD players. You must burn the KVCD MPEG files as non-standard VCD or non-standard SVCD (depends on your player) with Nero or VCDEasy.
I converted that video into KVCD format so I can record it on a CD.
by Nukem July 03, 2006
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Kinect Video Chat; For those of you who have XBOX360 and have recently acquired the Kinect gaming system, it is when you are able to live video chat through your television with another person who also has the Kinect gaming system (it's like google video chat or Skype'ing but through your TV!) The XBOX Kinect system is basically the Wii without a remote, it scans your entire body into the system, so you can dance, do sports games, yoga or tai chi, to name a few, by just moving in front of your television;
I just KVC'd with my cousin, JP, who also has the Kinect, it was awesome!!!!!
by riavilla2 December 28, 2010
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