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An incredibly annoying individual who has nothing better to do other than appease to every known person on the internet whilst using a variety of mainstream emotive text such as 'xD' 'xP' ':O' etc. The main way of identifying a kurolife is by their incessant need to suck up to people in order to boost their own ego. Originated from RF Online, and has spread within the RF community as a known association for this kind of behaviour - a direct result of an MMORPG which has an entire race of anime-like child characters. The word 'kuro' loosely means black in Japanese, therefore a direct translation would be 'blacklife'.
Guy: Man that guy is such a fucking failure.
Girl: Don't get too mad, he has to suck everybody off like kurolife which is the only reason he thinks he is 'amazing'.

Bellato: omg xD pls ur amazing show me sword :)
Cora: Err..sure..look (trades)
Bellato: wowwwwwww, u think i'm good tank on my ACC? look at all my CS gear :)
Cora: (fucking kurolife)
by corruptionLOL May 10, 2010
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Kurolife which is the association of the words kuro which means in Japanese Black and in this case Dark and Life is the name of fictional character well know in the Game Rising Force online (RFO) a MMORPG and by the RF community worldwide.

Being one of the pionners to play the game since it beginning, this character is well know by it perseverance, strong will and his fair game play, which allowed him to hold leading positions in the game politics in diffrent game severs.

During his evolution trough the game he,kurolife,had i high opposition and critics from person that disliked his fair attitude and always wanted to hold the power, such encounter was abvious when kurolife played in Lumen server (codemasters) and been race leader for over a year time in where he was highly respect, except for these individuals that were jealous and mad especially due to their Real Money traded gear such as Henry7696 and some his close friends which spent alot of money to get gear from another character named Combatrocks just befoe the sever close.

Henry7696 and his close friends coudn't accept their defeats and even the years that passed since such an events these few individuals still trying to spread propaganda.Psychologist agrees that Henry and his friends got some mental issues and a kurolife complexe.
Voting list:

kurolife 64%
Zanarkand 2%
xxxxxxxx 4%
xxxxxxxx 3%
xxxxxxxx 10%
Henry7696 0%
by Henry7696 May 31, 2010
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