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Can you please provide a RFO for the downtime this morning?
by killerdark August 21, 2008
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RFO - Right F****ING ON
Has been described as a "Wall of Sound" by some, the heaviest band ever by most. Band mates Jerry Murdock, Jamie Johnson, and Steve "sticks" Dickson poured their heart and soul into this band from it's birth in 1989 until it's death in 1996. The Power Trio hails from the Metal mecca of the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton Ontario . Their music is heavily influenced by the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Stompin' Tom Connors, Rappin' Granny' , and LiL' Bow Wow. With albums like " Mud Shark",double album "one in the bum , one in the yap" ,"Upper Decker","kit kat" and their B-Side collection "air tight", the band was on track for greatness. Opening for Pantera in Toronto-1994, playing the Reading Festival, and Performing on Saturday Night Live later that year gave RFO a quick rise to fame and fortune.
The line up did have one addition over the years. Dave Fritz ( of "Wact" fame) joined the band in June 1994 as a double bass player. Dave was fired from the band in September1994 after refusing to shave his trade mark moustache.
Multiple Juno nominee, RFO turned it's talents to the big screen with it's groundbreaking rockumentary " Some Kind of Monster" This and their last studio record titled " Nevermind " changed music forever.

RFO's songs have charted on Canadian radio and have been featured in several television series including the Canadian cult classic "Degrassi: The Next Generation".

After the Band Jerry did have some success in his next project "Throat Kick". You may remember his trade mark line that started every show "Start Kickin". This resulted in multipile injuries caused by Jerry encouraging his fans in the pit to start kicking each other in the throat. Throat Kick, in their defence did sell a line of leather/Kevlar throat protection to fans attending their concerts. Priced at twice as much as a ticket to a show, not many were purchased. Throat Kick lasted 1997 to 1998. Since their breakup concert related injuries have fallen 40%
RFO is the Heaviest Band in the World
by dblj October 10, 2007
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