Estonian for 'devil'. The most common non-obscene swearword in Estonian, comparable to English 'damn', 'hell'.
Kurat küll, mis sa tahad? - What the hell do you want?
by vihmavari April 17, 2013
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Estonian word meaning 'devil', used mostly by Russians and other forgeigners to refer to Estonians. Claimed to be the only native curse word.
Typical kurat! That tram driver wouldnt give me my change because I spoke to him in English.
by Maei Raagi Eestikeelt March 8, 2009
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"kurat küll" Means damn it in estonian language.
kurat küll jäin rongile hiljaks
by estonianguy June 28, 2021
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Kurat is a curse word in Estonian meaning devil
Kurat mida sa siin teed?
Kurat küll! (When you die in a video game)
by LigamaCoconut October 2, 2018
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