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KULTRIX is Pedro Montano, a music lover, developed his passion for music inside his mother womb where he constantly listened to it. Musician since the age of 5 he has played the guitar and the bass focusing his studies at first on Brazilian music (bossa nova and Samba) and jazz solo scales. During teenage years played in several bands. At the age of 10 played bass in the school hard core band and for the first time performed for an audience. Dj since 1999 he started Djing Drum’n Bass and broken beats with vynil, soon discovering trance music and falling in love with it. The psychedelic trance opened a new door for KULTRIX. After listening to it for the first time he thought “ that’s me man! That’s what I want to play!”. In 2003 decided to leave Rio, where he lives now, to visit London and to learn more about psychedelic trance music and culture. During the time in London DJed at squat parties and met people from all Europe. KULTRIX has Djed in Several European coutries such as England, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Spain…Now living in Rio with his wife and little daughter he has been involved in several projects: KULTRIX psychedelic trance music CHILI PALMER ( ) electro-funk / tribal house MUNDO ÁCIDO ( ) Reggae-Rock/Samba-Funk/psychedelic
by kultrix February 05, 2010
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