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A man who has a impressive beard but a silent and deadly demeanor. Often alluded to being lumberjacks because of the naturally great beard and mysterious nature, and therefore great lovers; though this doesn't need to be the case.

Other uses include comparing the person to samurai and carrying "The Manslayer" as another nickname, partially because of the silent ways of the person and is hiding in the shadows symbolized by the amazing beard.

The word has no origin.

Shortened "nickname versions" include 'krump' or 'krumptarian'.
Person 1: "Hey Krump. What's up?"
Krumpert: "...."
Person 1: "That's cool."
"That's a nice krumpert you've got going there."
"Hide, its The Manslayer!"
by Insane2757 November 30, 2007
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an adjective used to describe one who is comprised of beard, testosterone, lack of testicles, and an innate inability to detect vagina.

Synonyms: Nerf-herder, scruffy-looking, lazer brain, crumpet, Krump-it, the original beard

Antonyms: krumpalicious, cool, sweet-tits, Robocop, Superman, Superbad, monkey
Dude, that homeless man is soooo Krumpert!

That's one Krumpert beard.
by Jacob R. November 26, 2007
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