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A triflin' ass nigga who edgars all over them smash bro games. Used to describe someone who can beat Through the Fire and Flames on Expert. This nigga be ballin n shit. He into gay niggaz and shove up your own ass games. A person who's sperm count has decreased because of his tight ass pants. can also be used to describe a man being dumped by his girlfriend for another girl. Nigga.
Don't be hatin' cuz Kranium be
"Aww, nigga, that bitch done pull a Kranium on that hoe!"
"Asshole keepin' ma nutz snug"
"I'm fittin' to try this at home"
"Spread 'em, bitch"
"Gimme some a dem nudes from ma neibor, nigga"
by Nigga ballin May 19, 2008
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