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Sometimes short for Koprowski. This creature is usually originating from Poland. Known to be extremely intelligent, sarcastic, witty as hell, excellent in tutoring and tooting, and will beat you at any debate. Also can be known to bust some balls. Dimples on the cheeks (facial variety) can be a good indication to find an original, but lack of dimples is not always a deal breaker. Chocoholic by nature and can tempted very easily by sweets. Tries to stick to the four main food groups: chocolate candy, chocolate chip croissants, brownies and extreme moosetracks ice cream. Skilled at many things especially snow sports due to the frigid and icy conditions from Poland ancestry.
"Hey dimples! I mean Kprow!"
"Hey did you see the mad skills Kprow pulled on his snowboard?"
"Let's try and coax that Kprow over here with this double chocolate brownie."
by March 06, 2010
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