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This was a term used by Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody show in the fifties. It was picked up by surfers in southern California in the late fifties, then skateboarders. Not Swahili, not Hawaiin, not Mutant Ninja Turtles - Howdy Doody.
Kowabunga Buffalo Bob! - Howdy Doody Show

Kowabunga! That was an awesome wave!
by biker6666 July 03, 2009
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Not beatnik, not hippy, not swahili, but early sixties, California surfer. A corrupted version of the Hawaiian "kupaianaha," which means "fantastic," and any other synonym of "wonderful" you care to choose. The word probably entered greater American consciousness through the surfer moves of the period.

For what it's worth the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spoke "surfer" with a little "valley" thrown in.
by boar_d_laze August 25, 2008
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The popular phrase used by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm guessing it means something like "watch out, here I come" or something of that nature. Who knows with the Ninja Turtles?
"Kowabunga dudes!!!" Michealangelo exclaimed.
by Kaylee Ryan March 11, 2005
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Kowabunga” Pronounced: Cow-a-bung-ga

“I remember back in the early 1960’s this word was used a lot, especially by beatniks and early hippies. My ninth grade english teacher told me it was Swahili for “How about that.”
She said "I saw a really cool Bogart flick last night." He replied “Kowabunga.”
by Willy of Mac April 16, 2007
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When a man gently places his pinky, ring and middle fingers into a woman's anus, his forefinger into her vagina and then gently rubs her clitoris with his thumb. This will often bring a woman to an orgasm very quickly. It is NOT recommended that you ask the woman's permission before attemting this maneuver.
Bertha: That feels weird, what are you doing down there Solomon?

Solomon: Just relax baby. This Kowabunga's gonna make you cum like a mad woman.
by Porkchop M. September 04, 2008
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